Vitamin Cocktail

Vitamin Cocktail

This treatment increases the skin’s cell metabolism so that the skin increases its cell renewal. As we age, we have less oxygen supply to the skin, which results in lifeless, gray and aging skin.
Oxygen treatment is a moisturizing and firming treatment with pure oxygen. With the help of oxygen, vitamins and antioxidants are digested deep into the skin. If your skin is oily or dry then your skin will feel amazing after this treatment.

For best results, we recommend a course of 6 treatments.

Who is the treatment for?

Dry and lifeless skin
Aging skin
Relax skin
Introduce a party for an ashes kid effect
Irritated skin

What is the result after treatment?

Immediate firming effect
Glow and glow
Increased humidity
Improves structure and pores
Deep Cleansing
Improves acne and comedones / blackheads
Improves scars to a certain extent
Reduces lines and wrinkles
Increases circulation of the lymph and the separation of waste substances increases

Price from: 1 800 SEK

or pay part X XXX SEK / month

Treatment time
45 min

Time at the clinic
from 60 min