Superficial Blood Vessels

Superficial Blood Vessels

Many people suffer from superficial blood vessels in the face or body. Whether it is single larger vessels or a large area of thin fine “invisible” vessels, we treat them effectively using the latest method.
Causes of superficial blood vessels

Treatment of superficial blood vessels

Surface blood vessels or telangiectasia are successfully treated with Upl or laser. The effect is often seen immediately by the vessels contracting and becoming invisible.
The treatment of superficial blood vessels is not usually experienced as particularly painful.

To think about after the treatment of superficial blood vessels

After the treatment of superficial blood vessels, redness or irritation of the skin may occur for a few days. It may take a few weeks before seeing the end result of the treatment.

The causes of superficial blood vessels are usually unknown. The superficial blood vessels can be seen at age, rosacea, sun-damaged skin, after radiation therapy, as a side effect to local steroids, birth control pills and pregnancy.