Skin warts

Skin warts

Skin warts are infectious changes caused by viruses. Often, warts disappear spontaneously within 2 years, but sometimes they can last much longer. In addition, the warts tend to reappear after some time.
Common treatment methods for warts are often less effective, painful and require many treatments.

Laser is used to treat warts (skin warts) quickly, efficiently and lightly. The laser light selectively destroys the blood supply of the skin and activates the body’s immune system. Warts are then removed without leaving scars or permanent pigment changes.

In the vast majority of cases 85% is enough for a treatment with us. However, a few patients need an additional 1-2 treatments.

The treatment of warts feels like small hot sticks and is usually well tolerated. Anesthesia is usually needed when treating warts.

Price from: 750 SEK

or pay part X XXX SEK / month

Treatment time
35 min

Touch-up processing
750: –

Warn your finger
1000 –

Time at the clinic
from 30 min timmar

Warn on foot
1250: –

Wart / Fibroma
1300 –