Nasal plastic surgery

is a plastic surgery that is performed to change the shape and size of a nose. The purpose of the procedure is solely to improve the patient’s appearance.
Due to the placement of the nose in the middle of the face, which makes it a natural focus, a nose plastic often means a fairly large change in the patient’s face. Therefore, it may take up to 1 year for the patient to reconcile with his new appearance. Normally, patients who have undergone nasal plastic surgery are very satisfied with their new appearance about 6-12 months after the procedure.

Above all, a nose plastic is designed to change the proportions of the nose on the face. It is very important that you understand what is reasonable to achieve in a nose operation and what limitations there are. This is discussed at the consultation before surgery. Sometimes it can be more than one visit to discuss the conditions and opportunities.

Nose surgery improves the nose’s relationship with other features on the face and is one of the most sought-after procedures today. Usually, the procedure causes some pain with a very good result where complications are uncommon. Nasal surgery is performed for a variety of reasons including aesthetic and functional reasons.

Aesthetic nasal plastic:

Aesthetic nose plastic is performed to change the shape of the nose so that it is more aesthetically pleasing, reduce the size of the nose, remove the “hump” on the nose back, change the appearance of the nose tip or raise a hanging nose tip.

Functional nasal plastic:

Functional nasal plastic is intended to improve the functioning of the nose by altering the placement of the anatomical structures and thus relieving a blockage / occlusion in the nose. They also usually straighten an oblique partition and improve breathing through the nose.

Price from: XX XXX SEK

or pay part X XXX SEK / month

Operating time
1-2 hours

In local anesthesia or under anesthesia

Time at the Clinic
4-6 hours

Back at work
1-2 weeks

Remember that it is important to respect how the nose harmonizes with other facial features. Each change in the structure of the nose takes place after an examination of the shape of your face, age, ethnicity and the structure of your nostril and cartilage. The thickness of your skin also plays a part. Bone and cartilage in the nose are its size and shape, the upper part of the nose is supported by the nasal bone and the lower part is cartilage.

The skin is also an important part to go through, a thick skin will not put itself over the rebuilt cartilage on the nose, but it will take months for the skin to adapt to the new underlying structure.
Your conditions limit what is possible with your nose. Although the scars are usually not visible, there is always a risk that your skin will heal slowly or otherwise. Bruises on the upper part of the face occur and may persist for a few weeks. Being stuffy in the nose during the first few months is not uncommon but transient. During surgery, the skin is lifted from the nose, which can cause pigmentation in some skin types that may become permanent.

The final result takes about 12 months, so any corrections and further interventions are usually avoided during the first year. The swelling persists long after surgery.

If you suffer from nasal congestion, you should be assessed by a doctor at a hospital before surgery, bring a medical copy to the clinic.

On the day of surgery, you will meet your surgeon. He / she photographs the area of ​​operation if this is not done in conjunction with the consultation.

The procedure is done in local anesthesia in combination with a sedative. The surgery takes about 1-5 hours depending on which body or parts you want to operate. You go home the same day.

that’s how it goes

If you want to book a time for surgery, you can do so after the consultation. Sometimes you want to think about the matter and then call and book a time. Once you have decided and booked an operation time you will receive information material from us. There is comprehensive information and instructions about the procedure and what to think about before, during and after the clinic stay.

Prior to surgery

On the day of surgery, you meet your surgeon, who draws on you. You have the opportunity to ask additional questions if needed. You will be photographed.

The length of the operation depends on the procedure being performed as well as its extent. Prior to the surgery, you will receive pain relief for preventative purposes and also some sedative medicine. The procedure is then essentially painless either in local anesthesia or anesthesia.

After surgery

If the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, you will be able to stand on your own legs and go home, but not drive your own car. Should you need to rest further at the clinic there is of course that possibility.

If the procedure is performed in anesthesia, you will be rested in one of our awakening rooms. Our employees will take good care of you so that you feel safe with us. It is important to keep in mind that you are not allowed to drive your car home after the procedure.

Ingreppet tar ca 1-2 timmar och utförs både i lokalbedövning och i narkos beroende på operationens art. Man går hem samma dag och återkommer för titt och omläggning 3-7 dagar senare.

Håll huvudet i högläge för att reducera svullnad och om möjligt att sova på minst två kuddar. Efter operation kan  viss blödning uppstå i 1-2 dagar.

Du bör äta lätt tuggad mat och mycket vätska under de första 2 veckorna och undvik varm mat och dryck då ångan gör att näsan kan rinna.

Du kan använda kalla kompresser runt ögon för att lindra svullnaden


Ofta läggs snitten på insidan av näsan i näsborrarna och ibland läggs ett snitt genom huden på utsidan av näsan mellan näsborrarna. Var snitten läggs är beroende på dina förutsättningar och vad som ska göras. Generellt ingår det att näsbenens projektion minskas genom att de reduceras och bryts och då kan det bli fler småsår på sidorna av näsan.


Beroende på ingreppets art lägger man antingen gips eller skena över näsryggen i ca 2 veckor. Vid större ingrepp har man nästamponader som tas bort efter 3-5 dagar. Man tejpar näsan upp till 4 veckor efter operation och man kan massera lätt efter 2 veckor. Eventuella stygn tas bort efter 2 veckor.

telephone Consultation

If you live far from Gothenburg and thus have difficulties in coming to a doctor’s consultation, you can send photographs together with contact details and a description of your wishes. We will contact you for a telephone consultation as soon as the pictures have arrived at the clinic. You will find our email form on the website below contact us.

Package solutions with transport and overnight stay

Laser & Aesthetics also offers package solutions with transport and hotel accommodation in connection with the operating stay. Contact your clinic for more information.