PRP Course

PRP Dracula Vampire Therapy

PRP Course

The course for PRP, the so-called Vampire treatment, includes preparation of vein sampling course, PRP, injection technique, microneedling, treatment protocol and concludes with performing a treatment. The courses are led by a qualified nurse with experience in working with aesthetic treatments.
We at MBC are proud to introduce a new treatment concept that includes a revolutionary treatment with platelet rich plasma (PRP) for different treatment areas. We offer training for legitimate healthcare professionals and skin therapists where you will learn basic treatments in different combinations for different areas such as face, decolletage, stretch marks, breasts. In addition, these rejuvenation treatments will teach you PRP treatment to stimulate hair growth. All these treatments are presented with support from the research.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma or platelet rich plasma) is a biologically rejuvenating treatment also known as the Dracula or Vampire method. An autologous transplant with the growth factors in our platelets stimulates the skin’s cell regeneration and production of collagen and elastic fibers. The scalp can also be treated to stimulate the existing hair follicles which in turn give new hairs. PRP has been used for many years in sports medicine and orthopedics and in recent years has started to be used in the aesthetic industry.

How does PRP work?
 The platelets (platelets) are small blood cells and their main task is to stop bleeding that occurs in the body’s blood vessels by initiating the healing process. One of the most important growth factors is the stem cells which, among other functions, bind to blood and stimulate the cells to grow and divide. In the primary (cellular) hemostasis, proteins from damaged collagen come into contact with the platelets. The activated platelets bind to the collagen and secrete granules leading to the release of adenosine diphosphate and fibrinogen. PRP gives a higher concentration of growth factors and activates them.

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