Pigmented Skin

Pigmented Skin

Many people have problems with pigmented skin, that is, pigment spots. These can occur for a variety of reasons, partly due to sun damage and melasma (which can be caused by pregnancy and birth control pills).
Often, you also see melasma in younger and middle-aged women without any of these factors being included. Many may perceive this as a “spotted” look.

With laser technology we can effectively reduce both pigment spots and superficial blood vessels on the face. In addition, we can make your skin surface much smoother. We can also reduce enlarged pores.


Using laser light, we heat the pigment to a level where it coagulates. After about 2-4 weeks most of the pigment has disappeared. Sometimes a few additional treatments may be needed every few weeks.

Price from: 550SEK

or pay part X XXX SEK / month

Treatment 30-60 minutes Pigment stain – 1 pcs 550: – Pigment spot – chin 900: – Pigment stain – Full face 2 200: –
Pigment stain – Hands 900: – Pigment stain – Kinder 1 500: – Pigment spot – Kinder + Chin 1 900: – Pigment stain – Boiler 1 000: –

Time at the clinic
from 1 h