Liver Patch

Liver Patch

A liver patch (naevus) is a small area of the skin that is extra pigmented and therefore appears as a dark dot or stain.
All adults have liver spots. The first ones start to appear during the first years of life, and then more and more emerge during the growing up years until about the age of 30. Liver spots can have many different looks.

Many people find it difficult to distinguish between liver spots (naevus) and other skin changes such as fibroma, skin flaps, skin warts, spider-naevus, etc. It is therefore important that ALL skin changes are assessed by a physician before deciding to have them treated.

Assessment of skin changes

At Laser & Aesthetics, the following policy applies to all types of skin changes:

The patient must meet a licensed physician who initiates the examination to find out the patient’s medical history. In this way, the doctor gets an idea of whether there is heredity for tumor diseases, how long the patient has had the skin change, if the skin change has changed in character over time, etc.
The doctor then examines the skin change visually and assesses, among other things, its color, shape, demarcation, etc.
Only then will a decision be made on the type of treatment to be offered.

In addition to the above policy, the following applies to liver spots (naevus):

1. The patient must always have his / her liver spots before a dermatologist / district doctor before the patient may be treated at Laser & Aesthetics.

2. Laser & Aesthetics may require the patient to present a current medical copy (preferably no older than 4 months) showing that the patient has demonstrated and assessed his / her skin changes / liver spots adequately at his or her regular district physician or dermatologist.

Price from: 1 250 SEK

or pay part X XXX SEK / month

Treatment time
35 min

Removal of 1 liver spot / birthmark
1 250: – (+ stunning cost 300 🙂

Price for each extra liver spot / birthmark
650: –

Time at the clinic
from 40 min