Liposuction Course

Liposuction Course

Liposuction Course

Understand the unique demands of the cosmetic patient in a highly competitive market.

Conduct efficient consultation, Identify indications, contraindications, and proper preoperative preparation, supplies and equipment. Discuss the basic concepts of laser lipolysis, and begin to apply this knowledge in practice. Identify the various available machines and various wave lengths used for laser lipolysis.

Extensive depth of trainingof below areas:
Liposuction of the Neck|
Liposuction of the breast
Liposuction of the arms
Liposuction of the abdomen
Liposuction of the thighs

Describe novel indications of laser lipolysis:
Laser lower blepharoplasty
Treatment of lipomas with liposuction
Scarless reduction mammaplasty. Discuss postoperative care. Identify safety issues, potential complications of liposuction, management, and how to avoid them.

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