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Plasma Pen Course

Plasma Pen Course

Plasma Pen Course

Course Content
Plasma treatment is a non-invasive treatment of blue eyelids for effective lifting and tightening
excess skin. An alternative to surgical procedure with effective and lasting results. Plasma consists of
a so-called “flash” created by converting current to electrostatic impulse. When contact almost happens
against the skin (1-2mm above) a nitrogen-acid mix is formed which emits this flash of Plasma light. Note that no one
direct contact with skin. The plasma creates a contraction-like reaction in the skin that results
immediate austerity. At the same time, skin renewal is stimulated by essential fibroblasts
skin self-healing and collagen production. The final result can take up to 3 months.

What areas will you be trained in?
Face Lift
Under eyes
Crow’s feet
concerns Pucker
Lines around mouth
Scars / Bursts

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