Hair Removal

Many patients turn to us for treatment of unwanted or bothersome hair growth.

We have long experience in treating unwanted hair growth and use the market’s leading laser device. The diode laser is more efficient, faster and safer than previous generations laser and light treatments.

Our treatments are performed by specially trained laser and skin therapists with broad experience in the field.

Choose the right treatment

Laser hair removal almost always gives better effect than IPL systems. The reason for this is that the laser has more energy, the right pulse length and deeper wavelength optimized for effective permanent hair reduction.

Hair removal – background on hair and hair follicles

The hair follicles can be active (growing) or dormant, which means that hair grows in different long cycles. The length of the plant cycle and the degree of activity vary between different body parts. On the head, the plant cycle is up to 7 years and 90% of the hair follicles are active. This can be compared to the hair on the arms and legs where the active plant cycle is a few months and where about 50% of the hair follicles are active. Several factors affect hair growth; succession, hormones, health conditions, age etc.