Lucid Q PTP Laser

Lucid Q PTP Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Gold Standard Q Switched Laser Technology

Q Switched Nd:Yag 1064 nm & 532 nm expandable Tattoo removal laser with 585 nm & 650 nm options.

Larger Spot Sizes & Greater Power

Utilize larger spot sizes, faster firing speeds up to 25 Hz, And greater power with up to a 10 mm circle spot size.

A Versatile Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Provide your clients with pigmentation, Toning, carbon peeling, vascular treatments & more.

Faster Patient Results

Ultra short pulse duration of 5000 picoseconds means less laser tattoo removal treatments. Shorter the pulse duration = faster.

Remove More Tattoo Colors

Remove ink in virtually all tattoo. Add the optional 585 nm & 650 nm to remove more hard to target colors.

Fractional HP’s & PTP Mode Features

Target pigmentation in darker skin tones with fractional HP and utilize PTP mode for energy outputs of up to 2200 MJ.

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