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All our courses as well as course materials are developed and developed by experts in aesthetic beauty with many years of experience in the industry worldwide.
The courses are designed so that you can put together your own education program to be able to immerse yourself extra in the areas you want. We also offer private tuition that can be adjusted to suit your individual needs and times.

Aesthetic Education with Quality and Knowledge in combination

Solid knowledge and confidence in being able to give the best possible results.
You always stay up to date with the latest injection techniques.
Tools to grow your business.
Invitation to unique workshops with well-known experts from all over the world.

About Belotero®

Belotero is an HA-filler that smoothes and fills fine lines and wrinkles, recreates the skin’s natural volume and moisturizes the skin. Belotero is made from the same volumizing and moisturizing component that already exists in the skin – hyaluronic acid (HA). HA can carry up to 1000 times its own weight in water, thereby maintaining the skin’s softness (the moisturizing effect) and fat deposits (the volumizing effect). The product is thus the natural choice for people who want fewer lines and wrinkles.

Unlike other fillers, Belotero has an extra cross-linking process, which provides a better balance of higher elasticity, plasticity and cohesiveness, which improves the integration of the filler into the skin – and thus the result. Belotero is specially designed to be integrated into the skin so that a fine and even result is achieved without destroying the natural contours of the face.

Belotero’s patented technology is registered worldwide, and is both FDA-approved and CE-certified. Belotero focuses on creating quality and the best HA products, thus achieving a safe result that looks both natural and lasts for a long time.

Aesthetic Courses

Filler – Basic Course – is a comprehensive theoretical and practical introduction course. You get a thorough review under the supervision of a doctor alt. specialist nurse who is an expert in the field. Unlike similar courses, this is a more comprehensive introduction course. The course covers everything from medical aspects such as facial anatomy, information about possible complications and how to prevent them. You not only learn to inject effectively, but also give you the background information and skills you need to provide professional services to your patients.

Filler – Advanced Course – is the course for you who has passed our Filler Step 1 Course and now wants to develop your fillers knowledge by learning how to sculpt cheeks, lips, tear through and nose job. The procedure is very effective for rejuvenating a look.  This course is for those of you who have been working a time with filler and feel confident about the usual indications. You should have done at least 75 treatments to get the maximum out of this course. The course is advanced.

Filler – Master Course, is the course for you who have already passed Filler Step 1 and Filler Step 3 course. You have performed more than 150 filler treatments.  Master technique  injections, full face with cannula needle.Master face sculpting, developing a whole new exceptional desired look for the patient. 

Botox course is a perfect starting point on your exciting career in medical aesthetics. 

 You will learn how to effectively treat crows feet , frown lines and forehead lines .

In addition to learning the evidence based theory behind the use of Botulinum toxin type A in facial aesthetics, our nurse trainer will provide you with the clinical skills, advice, knowledge and confidence to develop your own successful aesthetics practice.

Our Advanced Botox Training Course is a hands on comprehensive in depth course. This course provides experienced aesthetic practitioners with further techniques and skills to enable them to meet wider ranging client needs.

Please note you must have completed a foundation Botox training course and be confident with these techniques before attending this advanced course.

In the morning we cover theory including, anatomy, complications and injection techniques and during the afternoon our experienced trainers will demonstrate injection techniques. The delegates then have hands-on experience on course models under guidance and supervision.

Cliniva Cosmetic Training offers small training sessions to ensure that all the delegates receive sufficient hands-on experience.

As part of the course we discuss leading brands such as Botox, Azzalure and Bocouture and the practical sessions are using Botox.

Botox Step 3 

The Expert Masterclass is designed for established practitioners who are already using more advanced techniques in Botox

Course elements:

  • 8 point lift techniques
  • Treatment of temples
  • Periobital rejuvenation
  • Cannula techniques
  • Chin augmentation

The course for PRP, the so-called Vampire treatment, includes preparation of vein sampling course, PRP, injection technique, microneedling, treatment protocol and concludes with performing a treatment. The courses are led by a qualified nurse with experience in working with aesthetic treatments.

Laser Training – Diode laser training is popular. Whether you are completely inexperienced in the beauty industry or run a clinic, we have education that suits you.

Fat Freezing Education
IPL Education
Micro-needling training
Diode laser training
Yag Laser Training
Teeth Whitening
HIFU Education

Jet Plasma Course

Course Content
Plasma treatment is a non-invasive treatment of blue eyelids for effective lifting and tightening
excess skin. 

What areas will you be trained in?
Face Lift
Under eyes
Crow’s feet
concerns Pucker
Lines around mouth
Scars / Bursts

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