Abdominal surgery is an operation performed on patients who are not overweight but sometimes have problems with loose skin on the abdomen.
It is also common for people who have lost weight, sometimes after pregnancy, to have excess skin that cannot be resolved through dieting. People can notice a weakness in their abdominal muscles that is not improved by exercise. Abdominal surgery addresses these problems by removing extra skin and fat tissue and tightening the abdominal muscles. Torsions on the lower abdomen are also partially removed or made less noticeable.

It is important to be aware that this operation is not a way to lose weight and is not a substitute for healthy eating and exercise. The surgeon will discuss this with you. This is a major operation and it will take some time to fully recover.

The procedure is performed under anesthesia. A long, horizontal cut is made just above the pubic area, which extends to the underside of the hip bones on each side. At Göteborg Laser & Aesthetics, the incision is made with laser, which makes the scars more attractive and less visible. The skin and adipose tissue of the abdomen are separated from the underlying muscle.

The underlying muscle is tightened, the navel is separated from the skin and left in the abdominal wall. The excess skin and fat tissue is then pulled down and the navel is sewn into the skin that has been moved down. It is a common misconception that the navel is moved, which you do not do, but it will sit in the same position as before the operation.

Normally, two drainage tubes are placed under the skin for the first 24-72 hours and a girdle is applied to the abdominal wall to provide support and compression. The belt is retained for several weeks.

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Operating time
1-2 hours

under anesthesia

Tid på kliniken
4-6 timmar

Tillbaka på jobbet
1-2 veckor

It is good if you prepare for the surgery by staying in shape and finding out as much as possible about what applies before, during and after the operation.
You will also get to try out a girdle that will function as a support corset after the surgery.

For the operation to be as good as possible, you should be on a body mass index (BMI) below 30.

Smoking impairs the oxygen supply to the tissue and in turn delays the wound healing process. It also increases the risk of complications and you should therefore be completely smoke-free 6 weeks before the operation and until the wound is healed.
We are always on hand to answer your questions.

that’s how it goes

If you want to book a time for surgery, you can do so after the consultation. Sometimes you want to think about the matter and then call and book a time. Once you have decided and booked an operation time you will receive information material from us. There is comprehensive information and instructions about the procedure and what to think about before, during and after the clinic stay.
Prior to surgery

On the day of surgery, you meet your surgeon, who draws on you. You have the opportunity to ask additional questions if needed. You will be photographed.

The length of the operation depends on the procedure being performed as well as its extent. Prior to the surgery, you will receive pain relief for preventative purposes and also some sedative medicine. The procedure is then essentially painless either in local anesthesia or anesthesia.
After surgery

If the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, you will be able to stand on your own legs and go home, but not drive your own car. Should you need to rest further at the clinic there is of course that possibility.

If the procedure is performed in anesthesia, you will be rested in one of our awakening rooms. Our employees will take good care of you so that you feel safe with us. It is important to keep in mind that you are not allowed to drive your car home after the procedure.

After surgery

After the operation, you are transferred to your room for nursing and pain relief.

Normally you have two drainage hoses that will transport away the excess fluid that arises in connection with the operation. These are removed when there is some fluid (after a few days usually, but in some cases after a few more days).

The first 24 hours after the operation you will experience a feeling of swelling, tenderness in the stomach and reduced feeling in the abdominal skin. During the first few days you may need painkillers. The swelling gradually decreases during the first weeks.

After five to seven days you will return for an initial check. After 14 days we will remove any stitches that remain. You are always welcome to contact us earlier if you wish. Depending on the extent of the procedure and what kind of work you have, you will be away from work for about two to four weeks.

We recommend that you refrain from exercise and heavy lifting and keep on walking for the first three weeks. Only after three months can you move completely without restrictions. Avoid sunbathing during the first year.

When you go home after an operation, you will receive a return visit card with telephone number to the clinic so that you can reach us vb.

You can see an improvement already when the stitches are gone. The final result, a flat, well-shaped and resilient abdomen, can only be assessed at the earliest after six months.

Keep in mind that the results vary between different people depending on the conditions that exist before the operation. The expectations that are reasonable should be carefully reviewed by your surgeon prior to surgery.

telephone Consultation

If you live far from Gothenburg and thus have difficulties in coming to a doctor’s consultation, you can send photographs together with contact details and a description of your wishes. We will contact you for a telephone consultation as soon as the pictures have arrived at the clinic. You will find our email form on the website below contact us.

Package solutions with transport and overnight stay

Laser & Aesthetics also offers package solutions with transport and hotel accommodation in connection with the operating stay. Contact your clinic for more information.